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Student Work

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Digital Rotoscope Animation

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 2.32.50 PM.png

demo reel - 1 min best with sound

This multipart project builds on the previous 'digital painting lithophane' project into a moving animation. Students learned about the history of frame animation as well as the hands on technical skills to produce their own work. Students learn the basic workflow of capturing live video, editing, and then drawing over each frame. This coincided with relevant readings and discussion about the technologies involved including the ethical and environmental impacts, development of students creative voices using the technology, and introduction to artists working in the same medium. 

Digital Painting - 3d print Lithophane


In this projects students composited photographs in photoshop and then digitally 'painted' over it to create a new image. We then transferred these into a 3d printable format and printed into Lithophanes, a 3d filament based print process. 

Digital Photography


Student work produced in a 200 level Digital Photography course where we expand our idea about photographs, learn about influential photographers, and develop technical skills. 

Foundations - 3d/4d, Color, Drawing, and Painting


SUNY New Paltz 2018-2022

This work is from a range of foundation level courses in Drawing, Painting, Color Theory, 3d, and time based media. 

AI Image Digital Collage - Vector animation

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 2.44.40 PM.png

demo reel - 1 min best with sound

In a project for my digital Images course at Vassar, I introduced students to the newest Artificial Intelligence text-to-image generators called “Midjourney”.


I then asked students to use the image generator to create the source material for a digital collage. We then learned how to animate their collage using Adobe Animate software.


This led to a productive discussion around AI, authorship, and the future of human creativity while also revealing to them the limitations of these new digital tools. This somewhat simple project gave the opportunity to teach students about how AI systems work, and the predominant theories being developed in response. It also taught students a working skillset with the software MidJourney, Adobe photoshop, and Adobe Animate.

Laser fabrication combining vector cutting and raster engraving


Students were introduced to Adobe Illustrator and vector based graphics. In this projects students were asked to create a laser cut object that combines etched raster images with cut vector images. 

Digital Film making

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 5.09.23 PM.png

Columbia University and CUNY Guttman Community College

Here are examples of two similar courses taught in different settings. At Columbia we had access to equipment and computers. These were not available at Guttman, but students still could learn the creative process behind film making. 

Students wrote scripts, learned the fundamentals of cinematography, and learned editing and motion graphics. 

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