Paintings of atmospheric light in the ultraviolet spectrum not visible to the human eye. 2015-2021

Paintings in the visible spectrum of energy we call "light" 2013-2021

Paintings of images created by analyzing x-ray particles diffracted off of crystals. 2017-2021


Weather chambers for growing snow and ice. 2006-2008

Paintings of the experiencing the sun. 2015-2021

Paintings of inverse lightning 2020-2021

Money is a social currency

Television transmissions on Ultra High Frequencies of radiowaves 2008-2010

Relic Radiation is the low wave electro magnetic energy remaining from the big bang. 2011-2013

installation and pirate television  broadcast. 2011


The forces that pull us to earth bind us to heaven 2010

Paintings of shadows cast by sunlight shining through plants. 2016-2018

Recreations of extinct species of flowers. 2015-2021

ceramic heads and my parent's teeth. 2012-2021